Dr. Kaiser provides compassionate, evidence-based individual and family-based psychotherapy to adolescents and adults.

I am both a child and adolescent psychologist as well as a pediatric nurse practitioner.  I have been working with children, teens, and families for 45 years in a variety of pediatric settings, including 20 years on medical school faculty.

For 25 years, I have worked exclusively with students with medical conditions, physical  symptoms, stress, and/or anxiety, worry and fears.

I have expertise in combining several approaches including medical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), computerized biofeedback, mindfulness, stress management, peak performance (especially sports), relaxation and breath re-training, and self-regulation approaches.

I work very collaboratively with students, exchange some humor, and compare gum bubbles.


The primary goals: To buffer stress and resolve anxiety, fear and worry.

Self-Regulation: With practice, your child will develop new strategies to expand self-control of emotions, thoughts (worries), behavior, and body reactivity.

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