About Dr. Kaiser

Hello and welcome to my website! You may be wondering if I’m the right clinician to help your child/teen and you to move beyond some challenging, distressing, and discouraging “stuck spots”. I invite you to read along to see if I’d be a good “fit” for you and your child/teen.

I’m a parent of two, and imagine you’re searching for a highly qualified, experienced, and compassionate psychologist to help your child cope more adaptively and become more resilient. You’re likely looking for a clinician who’ll 1) listen carefully, 2) competently assess your situation, 3) offer a prioritized plan for specific goals, 4) and efficiently coach an effective set of “tools”. Such practical techniques for long-lasting changes focus on improved self-regulation and flexibility. The “right” therapist means a special “fit”, i.e. appreciating your child’s unique symptoms, strengths, and identity.   Parents say they appreciate my highly collaborative, compassionate and straightforward style. They value my reputation for clinical expertise and a uniquely blended perspective as a psychologist, pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) and developmental specialist. 

I treasure my collaboration with families in our multicultural community

and strive to respect each child’s individuality and background.

My multi-decade career has been in service to children, teens, & young adults with significant:

•Anxiety, Worry, Phobias


• Loss or Death

• Mind-Body / Health Conditions

• Stress-reactivity / Panic

• Sleep Problems

Using a solution-focused approach, our work together targets the student’s & parents’ specific  goals. Motivated students learn and practice practical and concrete strategies to: 

1) accurately assess their worries about situations, people, expectations and the future

2) broaden their competence to cope more effectively and tolerate uncertainty,

3) develop stronger self-regulation to modulate emotions, thoughts, behavior, & reactivity (panic),

4) embrace a growth mindset (i.e belief one’s intelligence/abilities can improve with effort and strategies)

5) resolve symptoms interfering with their well-being

I craft an individualized  and integrative plan drawn from extensive training in several

empirically-supported psychotherapies and mind-body approaches

(medical hypnosis, biofeedback, breath retraining, & mindfulness stress reduction). 

Research clearly shows that a family-centered approach expedites the child’s improvement and enhances family functioning. For these reasons, the treatment plan also includes separate weekly sessions with both parents. During these conversations I offer support and guidance on how to: 1) steer and model more effective family communication, 2) enhance the child/teen’s independence, and 3) ensure developmentally appropriate expectations and boundaries in the parent-child relationship. 

Some parents wonder about my background: I was fortunate to grow up and live near relatives in a lovely Midwestern town. Through community service I witnessed individual differences in families’ and children’s vulnerability to various stressors. Its’ impact on their social and health functioning became the focus of my academic research and career path. 

I’ve dedicated my career to helping young people

learn skills to become more resilient to stress and anxiety.


Your child can learn adaptive coping skills

that focus on new possibilities

for bouncing back from stress.


With practice, your child can learn strategies

to improve self-control

of emotions, worries, behavior, and body reactivity.


We sift through your child’s symptoms & history

to identify goals and

action plans for solutions.


Your child can learn to cultivate

a growth mindset of

optimism, flexibility, and tolerance of uncertainty.


Your child’s unique rainbow of

individuality, identity, culture, and family values

is appreciated.


Ongoing conversations with both parents

offer practical guidance to

steer & model more effective family communication.

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